M1 Abrams

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M1 Abrams

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M1 Abrams

Tanky M1 Abrams stále slouží a zlepšují se.

'New' M1 Abrams Tank Will Command Drones on the Battlefield
The newer version of the tank will be able to carry out newer missions vital to win modern wars.

The up-armored Abrams main battle tank has a lot of new possible missions it could carry out. The tank could soon be operating air and ground drones in the line of enemy fire or sending large robotic vehicles to clear tank ditches and breach obstacles. Moreover, the Abrams could use long-range, high-fidelity sensors to maneuver and target enemies in more dispersed formations.

An armored ability to bring massive firepower, unparalleled survivability, and mechanized assault missions still very much characterizes the operational scope of Army tanks. But there are some interesting ways in which technology, networking and unmanned systems are expanding its potential combat applications and therefore multiplying its warfare impact.

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